Sunday, March 2, 2008

Who Are The Animal Rights Extremists In Alberta

Alberta is cattle country, hunting,fishing,farming,ranching and the oil patch. Needless to say that animal rights extremists don't exactly fit in here to well

Voice for Animals seem to be one of the only animal rights groups here in Alberta.They are a small group, comprised mostly of young people and their mothers. I recently was sent some photos of a demonstration in Camrose, Alberta. There was 8 people protesting.If it wasn't for the signs they were waving around, I would have thought it was a family get together.

Another protest in Jan./2008 was around the elephant at the Valley Zoo. The domonstration went off very well, they left when the police arrived and as one of the protesters stated "a good time was had by all" These are not your hard core protestors here.In Edmonton the animal rights group that pulls off these demonstations is called Voice For Animals.

What does voice for Animals actually do for the public here in Alberta, Canada. Well, I scoured the net for hours trying to answer that very question. I do see that they try and raise our awareness of problems that occur concerning animals. A worthy cause to a point. Yes we should be made more aware of the abuse of animals, and yes we should be doing a better job of protecting them. But apart from some blustering and chest pounding, I have yet to see them lift one finger to help even one animal. Voice for Animals group does ask us for our money. I wouldn't mind making a donation myself if I had a clue what they really do?? There is a great many animal rights groups in the country today and they all are looking for donations. My advice to anyone reading this, look into the history of the group before you give them any of your money. It may not be what you think!

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Nathan said...

Heh, I love it. So in your witch hunts against animal rights groups, you try to label any group as being too extreme, and then when you happen upon one that doesn't fit your mold, you make cynical comments about them not doing *enough*. As long as something is grinding your gears, I guess.

In all this time you scour the internet trying to dig up dirt on one and all animal rights groups, I wonder what kind of actual good you could be being for an animal-relate (or other) charitable organization that you DO support. Hm?

Enjoy your steak, buddy. Some of us put a bit more thought into the ethics and consequences of our lifestyles and are interested in far more than pleasing our taste buds. Give it a try some time.