Monday, March 31, 2008

Protecting Alberta From Animal Rights Extremists

Alberta has always been good to me. A good economy, lots of jobs and nice way of life. I believe in Alberta and for what it stands for.

A new enemy of Alberta has raised it's ugly head in recent years. A enemy hidden in the guise of animal rights. The animal rights movement is nothing new and has been around for years. Alberta has been shielded from the animal rights movement for the most part. But now things seem to be changing.

The animal rights movement here in Alberta is not really concerned with the welfare of animals, the push for animal rights is only to give an appearance of legitimacy. The true agenda of the animal rights movement is quite a bit different.

The animal rights movement demands that we outlaw hunting, fishing, trapping and stop eating all forms of animal meat. No more hamburgers and milkshakes. No more ranching, cattle,dairy products, honey, use of horses,rodeo's, zoos, circuses and the list goes on. They are even threatening us with loosing our family pets!! The animal rights extremists are just plain nuts!!

If the animal rights extremists even gets part of their true agenda, what will happen to the Alberta economy. Alberta and all the good it stands for may cease to exists. Even our oil and gas is not safe from them!!

Don't buy into their nonsense and do not support them financially. The animal rights movement and the extremists can never be trusted.


Anonymous said...

That's right Albertaboy, your readers need to know the worst ones to watch out for are WSPA, Zoocheck, Voice For Animals, and PETA. And don't forget the terrorist groups the ALF and the HSUS. Those two are just plain bad.

Nathan said...

Priceless. Change every occurrence of "animal" in this blog post to "slave" and suddenly we're in the southern States 200 years ago and you're sum gun-toting confederate nut. I know, albertaboy, the idea of something not of your "kind" having rights is unthinkable. But hey, times change, societies progress, etc.

Funny thing is, I can tell you haven't even done any research or put much thought into the issues that you declare is crazy, extreme animal rights agendas. For example, you simply can't link things like rodeos and circuses in with honey or meat-eating. Do you even have any idea what goes on behind the curtains of circuses like the Ringling Bros? Obviously not. The mistreatment of animals for entertainment is abhorrent. If one eat meats, fine, but for heaven's sake educate yourself about things like circuses, which are anything but "fun and games" for the animals. That is, if you care about animal welfare(?).

In addition, before you support rodeos wholesale, some events liek calf-roping are just plain ridiculous and cruel. This is 2010, albertaboy. Personally my form of entertainment is hockey and football, not watching baby animals get choked, slammed to the ground and tied up, being psychologically traumatized in the process. But you "big boys" feel proud of yourselves, don't you?

"...what will happen to the Alberta economy"

And there we have it. The Almighty Dollar. Sorry, some of us care about suffering more than money, albertaboy...

It's always enlightening to come across steak-munching, back-country fear-mongering nuts like you hollerin' about "them crazy animal rights folk, how dare they take mah steak away".

What's funny is that even as little as 3 years ago I would've either agreed with you or been saying a lot of the same things. But then I started doing my research, looking into the issues, discussing and debating. So you can either do the same or sit back on your couch and keep ranting about things you don't know about in ignorant bliss. Either way...

mayethorpedogrescuegirl said...

Our Animal Welfare Laws are the worst in Canada, and our Federal laws are over 200 years old, being a farmer, I love my cattle and horses, and want the abusers prosecuted who give farmers a bad name.

Rob Caballero said...

Whoa... this is some pretty extreme anti-extremism.